AG Barr is refreshing the water sector with Rubicon Spring, a range of fruit-flavoured sparkling spring water.

The four-strong range is available in Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and Black Cherry Raspberry and contains vitamins and natural flavours.

Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr, said in the past four years there’s been a 5% decline in shoppers who only buy carbonates and a 19% growth in shoppers who only buy water.

“This market doesn’t exist yet. This product creates a middle ground between what people expect from flavoured carbonates and what they expect from water,” he added.

The 500ml bottles will be backed by a £2m campaign that will see the brand support a new product with TV advertising for the first time in more than 10 years.

The campaign kicks off in August and will include social media activity and weather-activated outdoor advertising.

Retailers can promote the range with PoS and stock it alongside bottled water. Troy said: “Everytime a retailer sells a bottle of water the cash take is less, so there’s an opportunity to trade up bottled water shoppers.”