Premium juice brand Snapple is rolling out a new range of iced tea flavours, as well as a new pack design and formats.

Available in three flavours, Lemon, Peach and Raspberry, the iced tea range comes in two pack formats, 437ml glass bottles and 330ml re-sealable packs, to appeal to shoppers consuming on the go.

The glass bottles and 330ml packs haves RRPs of £1.40 and £1 respectively.

The iced tea range has ‘no added sugar’ and the brand is also launching a new ‘low calorie’ Raspberry Peach flavour. The new products are available in outers of 12.

The launch will be backed by digital activity and a sampling campaign at university campuses and in central London over the summer.

Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr, said the new designs will highlight the brand’s New York heritage and the low-sugar flavours will appeal to customers looking for healthier alternatives.

“Snapple has already built a loyal following in the UK, with sales up by 33% year on year and consistent growth for the past five years,” he added.