Reign Total Body Fuel

Coca-Cola European Partners is bringing US brand Reign to the UK to target fitness focused shoppers.

Available in four flavours – Melon Mania, Razzle Berry, Lemon Hdz and Sour Apple, Reign taps into the fledgling ‘performance energy’ sector, a segment worth $400m in the US and growing at 41%.

The segment is defined by 18-35-year-old consumers that are interested in the fashion of fitness, in particular showing off their regimes on Instagram and following fitness social media personalities. These shoppers tend to be into high-intensity workouts such as CrossFit and are interested in fitness, diet and looking good.

Other drinks in the performance energy sector include brands like Nocco and Bang.

Reign targets this audience by containing 200mg of caffeine, no sugar, no calories and branched-chain amino acids, which prevent muscle breakdown, as well as B3, B6 and B12 vitamins.

The company is urging retailers to stock Reign next to sports drinks. It will be available from the end of October, with £1.49 price-marked packs to follow in January.

Retailers will be able to promote the drink’s ingredients and benefits with PoS.

Simon Harrison, Coca-Cola European Partners commercial development vice president, said within eight months of launching in the US, Reign gained a 25% market share of workout energy drinks sales.

“We’re seeing consumers increasingly following fitness advice from Instagram personalities. It’s a growing market and not just relevant to stores next to gyms, ” he added.