Former CEO of Sainsbury’s Justin King has joined Served Hard Seltzer as a senior board advisor.

The hard seltzer brand was founded by brothers Dean and Ryan Ginsberg in 2020 and is co-owned by Ellie Goulding.

The company is reported to have received a surge in revenue by over 1,000% over the last three months as the hard seltzer category continues to grow.

Dean Ginsberg said: “We are delighted to welcome Justin to our advisory team. As we enter our next phase of exciting growth, it’s important that we bring on the very best people to support the brand in each of our core channels – and you just won’t find anyone more talented and experienced than Justin when it comes to retail”.

King, who is also a non-executive director at Marks & Spencer and a member of the PIB at PWC, said: “Dean and Ryan have created a truly premium product which stands out in the crowded field of the hard seltzer category which is set to explode in the coming year”.

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Served is made by infusing sparkling spring water with fruit and is paired with the brand’s ServedPure spirit. The result is a 4% ABV plant-based, gluten-free hard seltzer.

Goulding discussed the brand’s values adding, “We are going to take on some of the biggest brands on the planet, but do it our way. We refuse to compromise on quality nor the health of the natural world.

“We use ‘wonky fruit’ as an intervention on food waste, the most innovative ecological packaging materials we can think of and we will support habitats, people and animals on the frontline of the nature crisis. We will continue to be 100% transparent. Oh, and we’ll do all this while having fun and building an awesome brand with awesome people.”

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