Innovation is key to the convenience market. New packaging designs, improved recipes, healthier variants, new products aiming to capture existing trends – or even inspire new ones.

It’s not often, however, that a genuine first appears on the shelves, as it will do in April. Aimia Foods are launching the first ever re-sealable drinks can in the UK to house a brand new energy drink, No Fear Extreme Energy.

The drink will be sold in 485ml cans, RRP £1.19, that come with a plastic seal. The seal will allow the can to be ‘closed’ if you don’t want to drink the whole can in one sitting, keeping it fresh for 24 hours.

Resealable cans have been available in the USA for a while, but this is the first time that they will hit our shelves.

No Fear is an American sportswear brand that has long been associated with the more extreme end of the sporting landscape – Moto X, surfing and skateboarding for example – and the energy drink has already been launched in the USA where it is already the official drink of World Extreme Cagefighting.

So, will the British public go for it? The energy drink market has seen a lot of change over the last couple of years, with new can sizes, the launch of the shots category and a number of new products trying to rival the chart-topping Red Bull, so it will be interesting to see how this fits in.

The brand new technology will certainly see a large amount of initial trial among consumers, and press coverage has already been widespread: the key will be whether a brand as well-known as No Fear can make a drink good enough to keep it flying off the shelves. Let’s see if they can re-seal the deal.