The government has launched a public consultation on ending the sale of energy drinks to children as part of its campaign to reduce health and mental problems among adolescents. 

These restrictions, if approved, will apply to any energy drink with a caffeine content of 150mg or more per litre. This will apply to products from brands such as Red Bull, Monster and Relentless.

The government claims the legislation would create a level playing field for businesses. While it is still deciding on the age limit, it has recommended restrictions to either those under 16-years-old or under 18-years-old. The public consultation will last for 12 weeks.

Commenting on the consultation, Association of Convenience Stores' chief executive James Lowman said: “Convenience store retailers are already on the front line preventing the sale of age restricted products to children in a number of categories.

“We will respond to this consultation with evidence from members and, if the government sees fit to introduce a ban on energy drinks to children, we will work with retailers to ensure they are prepared for the change.

British Retail Consortium deputy director of food policy Andrea Martinez-Inchausti added: “This follows the lead of the major retailers, who have already put voluntary controls in place. Legislation will ensure a consistent and comprehensive approach to preventing sales to children.”

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