Last month, Retail Express joined Lucozade Energy experts Claire Keaveny and Jonny Acton at Sue Nithyanandan’s store in Epsom. One month on, we find out if the changes to her soft drinks display have boosted sales.

Focus on


Sue Nithyanandan
Costcutter Epsom, Surrey

“I’d never really focused on low and zero-calorie drinks before. The dump bin really seems to have improved visibility and I can see there’s demand for these products from my customers as they’re flying out now. I’m usually wary of having reps visit, but I can see it’s important to take their advice – this has been a real eye-opener.”


Expert advice


Claire Keaveny & Jonny Acton
Senior Brand Manager & Field Sales Manager, Lucozade Energy

“Working with Sue and her team was a real delight, her passion for running a best-in-class store is clear and we’re thrilled the changes we made have had such a strong impact on her soft drink sales. As we go into the warmer months, we’re confident her sales will continue to grow.”


The result

£3,285 predicted soft drink sales increase for Sue, per year, based on data from the past four weeks.

Before photo:

After photo:

Challenges and changes

1. Shopper missions: Sue was missing out on additional sales because she did not cater for some important shopper missions. Cans, a new format for the store, were introduced into the fixture to capitalise on this.

2. Choice: Sue’s energy range was missing healthier options, so low and no-calorie drinks, such as Lucozade Zero, were introduced to widen choice for shoppers in multiple age groups and tap into the rising health trend ahead of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy. 

3. Visibility: New products and bestsellers didn’t stand out within the fixture. Adding PoS such as shelf wobblers and product bins near the till clearly signposts exciting products to shoppers and encourages impulse purchases.

Key lessons for your store

1.  Shopper Missions: Stock cans of popular varieties to cater to different shopper missions and attract additional spend.

2. Choice: Increase your low and no-calorie drinks offer. Products such as Lucozade Zero meet the rising demand for healthier drinks.

3. Visibility: Increase PoS to highlight new products. Shelf strips, wobblers, and bins of ambient product encourage impulse purchases.

Lucozade Energy’s tips

1. Group products by colas, energy drinks and waters to make it easy for customers to find what they want

2. Double or triple-face popular products, such as Lucozade Energy Orange and Original flavours, to reduce time spent restocking

3. Ensure popular low and no-calorie options are placed beside core flavours to give shoppers healthier choices

4. Embrace cans to cater to different shopper missions and attract additional sales