To push its premium positioning in the UK, The Lavazza Group has announced its partnership as the official coffee partner for Arsenal and Liverpool Football Club.

Speaking to Lavazza’s managing director David Rogers at the launch party in London, he told RN the partnership solidifies the company’s investment as a premium coffee brand, a trend he insists the independent channel must invest in.

“Independents must provide variety, but at the same time focus on bestsellers. In roasted coffee, Lavazza has the number one product in the UK within the independent trade, which is the Qualita Rossa 250g. In this variety, we offer a special pricemarked pack for the channel.”

While the brand’s growth in the independent trade currently sits at 21% year-on-year, earlier this year, the supplier relaunched its Carte Noire variety in the UK to further increase sales.

“Before the product was taken away from the UK market, it accounted for around 20% of freeze dry coffee sales in the independent sector, and we’re hoping to reignite this,” Rogers added.

However, one trend he highlighted retailers often ignore is coffee beans.

“More consumers are buying machines that require beans, but unfortunately, you rarely see beans in the independents. It’s a growing niche they should take advantage of,” he said.

To find out more about Lavazza’s partnership with Arsenal and Liverpool Football Club, including how to receive special PoS and equipment, please call 02076893355.

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