Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has announced a brand refresh across its Coca-Cola, Zero Sugar and Diet Coke range under its ‘One brand’ strategy.

The new design is the first packaging update since 2016, with the brand’s Coca-Cola can using the original and universally recognised colour red paired with white Spencerian script.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar uses the same font in black, with the new can coupled with other details, including black bottle caps, while Diet Coke will use a silver background and a red logo.

The redesign was “to provide a simple and intuitive navigation system that carries across all varieties, while simultaneously celebrating the Coca-Cola logo,” the supplier has said.

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The supplier’s Zero Sugar variety has also undergone a recipe change and will be supported with a new marketing campaign, ‘Best coke ever?’ which invites debate and trial before making any decisions, and will span across TV, digital, outdoor and social media.

The new recipe, design and campaign has already launched in Europe, with the new designs on Coca-Cola and Diet Coke expected to follow throughout the year and flavours to be fully converted over in 2022.  

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