Coca-Cola has announced a ‘one brand’ marketing strategy, which involves promoting the full range together for the first time.

Coca colaCoca-Cola Zero is to become fully integrated with Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Life, with new pack designs unifying the range and highlighting the differing features of each product.

Launching from May, the strategy means Coca-Cola advertising will feature the full Coca-Cola range and the lower and no sugar and calorie variants will be presented in the final frames of all TV ads. The media investment for these variants will be doubled.

Coca-Cola will use its sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup to promote all four variants for the first time.

The media investment in the lower and no sugar and calorie variants will be doubled.

Jon Woods, general manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland, said the move will particularly benefit the lower sugar variants.

“Featuring all variants in our advertising will make it clear to more consumers the full choice we offer them,” he added.