Coca-Cola Enterprises is helping retailers drive summer soft drink sales with an on-pack promotion for Capri-Sun. 

Designed to increase the appeal of 330ml packs of Capri-Sun among its target market of 20 to 30-year-olds, the ‘Squeeze the day’ promotion is offering 100 winners the chance to win one of 20 different ‘bucket-list’ prizes, such as flying lessons, tickets to a film premiere and a chance to swim with dolphins, as well as holidays to Paris, Rome, and the Venice Carnevale.

The promotion is running across more than six million packs of Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant 330ml standard packs, as well as Orange 330ml 89p price-marked packs. PoS is available to retailers looking to promote the offer in-store. 

“Through this promotion, together with our 89p PMPs and effective point-of-sale activation, we’re confident that retailers will reap the benefits as consumers look to ‘Squeeze the day’,” said Phil Thomson, associate director of portfolio brands at Coca-Cola Enterprises.