Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has announced that its Capri-Sun No Added Sugar range has been reformulated and now contains no artificial ingredients.

Capri-Sun No Added Sugar Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant will now use stevia, a plant-based sweetener, with natural fruit sugar. It will be made using natural ingredients and is exempt from the sugar tax levy.

New ‘Give yourself a Diet Coke break’ campaign launched by Coca-Cola

The recipe change is designed to help retailers meet the growing demand for more natural options in kids’ drinks, with 70% of parents looking to avoid products with artificial ingredients.

The launch will be supported by a £6m marketing campaign later this year, including TV, social media and in-store materials.

Changing shopper behaviour in convenience with CCEP

Simon Harrison, vice president of commercial development at CCEP, said: “Our research has shown that shoppers are confused at point of purchase and are concerned about the sugar content and artificial ingredients in kids’ drinks.

“Capri-Sun’s move to nothing artificial will help simplify the shopping experience while still delivering the same great fruity taste that families love.”

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