The rise in violent day time retail theft is driving investment in security measures according to the managing director of Fog Bandit Enzo Koflach.

Speaking to Retail Express, Koflach stated: “As thieves become more confident violent day time theft is becoming more prevalent and more violent.”

"It makes retail crime even more costly and that’s why many are taking measures to protect their store and their staff," he added.

Owners of Mierscourt Farm General Store & Off Licence in Kent, Richard Dunderdale and Sam O'Brien were forced to take action after a series of robberies.

Dunderdale told Retail Express: “We’ve really doubled down on security. We’ve introduced security fog, bollards at the front, CCTV, window bars and alarms."

According to the ACS, one in 12 independent convenience stores invested in security features in 2017, up 1% from 2016.