Independent retailers have called for compensation from Mastercard and Visa over high interchange fees issued before 2015, following the Court of Appeal's decision to refer cases put forward by Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Argos and Asda to the Competition Appeal Tribunal

In 2015, fees on credit card payments were capped at 0.3% and debit cards at 0.2% of any transaction. The tribunal will now determine what the fees should have been, and will decide what compensation from Mastercard and Visa the supermarkets should be entitled to.

However, David Worsfold, of Farrants in Surrey, said he is still being charged 0.79% on credit cards and 0.28% on debit cards per transaction.

“I certainly hope this could lead to some compensation for us independent retailers, but I'm sure if it was the case, they would make it as complicated as possible," he said.

Meanwhile, Chris Herring, of Londis Shipay Post Office in Torquay, said if multiples receive damages, independents should also be entitled to compensation.

"It should automatically be trickled down to other businesses, without a separate case being needing to be brought forward. There shouldn't be a double standard," he said.