A desire for greater speed of transaction led Haris Zafar of Best-one Hatfield to make the switch to PayPoint One. Retail Newsagent visits Haris with PayPoint’s Lauren Menck to see what impact this has had on his business.

Lauren Menck
Lauren Menck
Marketing manager,

Haris Zafar has run Best-one Hatfield with his father for more than eight years. The store is in a high footfall area with a diverse selection of regular local customers, and being able to serve them quickly is essential. During his time running the store, Haris has had plenty of time to get to know the second generation PayPoint system and so was very interested in taking part in the trial for the new PayPoint One platform. In September, PayPoint’s marketing manager Lauren Menck visited Haris, to see how PayPoint One is helping his business. 

Haris Zafar
Haris Zafar
Owner, Best-one,

Why did you take part in the PayPoint One trial?

Haris Zafar: To be honest, the second generation system was showing its age, and we were starting to get frustrated with its speed, so when PayPoint’s rep called to explain the greater pace that the new system would offer, and to ask us to take part in the trial, we leapt at the chance.

What effect has the new system had on your day-to-day business?

HZ: The speed of the card payment is a significant improvement; I can get customers seen so much faster now. It’s like night and day, it’s made such a difference. It’s more straight forward, and it takes about a quarter of the time. PayPoint One also gives us a lot more control, as we can draw information from the system which means we are more informed on our sales data.

How has PayPoint One helped with your customer service?

HZ: Bills can now be paid in a single transaction. This is more convenient for customers, and means they don’t have to break it up into separate payments, which can end up taking more time.

Has PayPoint One had an impact on footfall in your store?

HZ: Yes, the new system is a lot more secure – so we’ve seen more people come in to pay their bills this way, knowing it’s a more secure option.  And the added speed has been a real bonus during peak times, as customers can be served a lot faster.

What features of the PayPoint One system have stood out to you so far?

HZ: One feature that has stood out to me is the promotion function.
Previously these required quite elaborate admin, but after being talked through the procedure by a PayPoint rep, I am enthusiastic for the new flexibility that the system will offer us.

Having done the trial, would you recommend PayPoint and the new system to other retailers?

HZ: Yes, the system has exceeded my expectations and making the switch was the right choice. The PayPoint reps have been very responsive to our feedback, and have taken on board my comments for future versions, which is great. l