Camelot has made a raft of improvements to its games to offer "something for everyone" and more commission for retailers, as well as launching a new draw in 2019.

The changes to the main game include having bigger cash prizes to replace the raffle, including a fixed prize of £1m for matching five balls plus the bonus ball, and halving the number of times the jackpot to roll over to five, with a new 'rolldown' mechanic sharing the jackpot across all winning cash prize tiers if no one matches all six numbers in a 'must-be-won' draw. The number of balls and £2 per line price will remain unchanged. 

Retailers will also benefit from the changes. In line with the company’s ongoing £20m investment in retail, retailers across the UK will, for the first time, receive sales commission when a player claims a Match 2 numbers free Lotto Lucky Dip prize in their store – resulting in an average annual commission boost of around £5m.

On EuroMillions, Camelot will run more special draws that create guaranteed £1m winners. The change will come into effect in early 2019. 

The company also plans to launch a new annuity game in spring 2019, which is expected to have a top prize of thousands of pounds every month for at least 25 years. The draw is designed to appeal to people who dream of lifelong financial security, rather than big, one-off jackpots.

The changes follow the company's recent strategic review, which identified four areas that needed attention to get The National Lottery back into long-term growth. One of the areas of focus was improving the range of games available. 

Camelot CEO Nigel Railton said: "It was clear from the review that we needed to create a more appealing and balanced range of games that offers something for everyone.

"The updates will complement the other initiatives we are bringing in across retail and digital, as well as our ongoing work to make The National Lottery brand more relevant and visible – and will ensure that The National Lottery as a whole continues to deliver for both players and Good Causes alike.”

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