PepsiCo is introducing new £1.65 and £2 price-marked packs (PMPs) across a number of its Walkers multipack and sharing bag lines, exclusive to convenience retailers.

Walkers Classic Variety and Quavers Cheese six-packs will be price-marked at £1.65, while Doritos Chilli Heatwave (200g), Doritos Tangy Cheese (200g) and Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli (170g) sharing bags will be available in £2 PMPs, having increased in size by 20g.

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A flash reading ‘Bigger pack better value’ will be printed on the new sharing bags. With the Doritos lines, this compares to a 70g pack (RRP £1), and on Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli, it compares to a 65g pack (RRP £1).

Meanwhile, a recommended promotional flash available to retailers (for the sharing bags) will read ‘Was £2 now £1.50′.

Matt Goddard, wholesale trading director at PepsiCo, said as we slowly transition out of lockdown, larger packs will likely continue to dominate over singles.

“Additionally, 65% of shopping trips to symbols and indies consist of take-home products, but 88% of sharing purchases occur outside of the impulse channel. This presents an opportunity for these stores, as retailers can capitalise on a bit of the market traditionally purchased ‘elsewhere’.

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“In regard to multipacks specifically, we have seen them perform extremely well – growing by 15.6%.”

All lines will be available to independent retailers from 8 March.

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