KP Snacks is teaming healthier snacks with gourmet flavours to launch a new snack range this month.

The Velvet Crunch Gourmet Bites range has just 87 calories per pack and contains 60% less fat than standard potato crisps. They come in Thai Chilli & Aromatic Sweet Basil, Mature Cheddar & Onion and Salt & Rich Balsamic Vinegar flavours, RRP 59p. 

KP Snacks said the new brand had been created as some consumers are disappointed by the current choice of snacks in the market because few offer both taste and health.

The launch of the gourmet snacks ties in with a relaunch of the Velvet Crunch brand and is being supported by wholesale promotions and a national PR campaign.

“Our Velvet Crunch brand is a must stock for retailers as it offers a fantastic incremental sales opportunity in the growing healthier snacks segment of the market,” said Matt Collins, KP Snacks trading controller  for convenience.