PepsiCo is reformulating its entire Snack A Jack range, in a move that will see three of its flavours become non-HFSS by the end of 2021, with more following in 2022.

The three flavours to see the change are Kickin Sweet Chili Crispies, Cheese Jumbo Ricecakes and Smooth Caramel Jumbo Ricecakes. PepsiCo is aiming for the majority of the range to be non-HFSS by the end of 2022.

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Additionally, the brand will undergo a packaging refresh as part of the recipe update, implemented from the end of this month.

PepsiCo is also launching a new five-pack of Snack A Jack Crispies, replacing the current four-pack but maintaining its RRP, and available from the end of this month. This comes as multipacks have frown by 10.2% in value sales.

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“Healthier lifestyle choices are becoming increasingly important to consumers,” said Lizzie O’Connell, Snack A Jacks brand manager. “Healthy eating saw a resurgence in priority towards the end of 2020 and with this in mind, Snack A Jacks is looking to improve the nutritional profiles of their products to support this trend.”

“Each bag of Snack A Jacks is already under 100 calories, but the new formulation will ensure that each bag continues to be full of taste and enjoyment as well as meeting snacking needs of consumers. The bold and colourful updated packaging design reaffirms Snack A Jacks’ unique place within the rice snack segment and entices more families into the brand.”

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