KP Snacks is rolling out larger cases across its £1 price-marked (PMP) crisps range, alongside Roysters T Bone Steak in a new £1 PMP format.

Rising from 12 to 16 packs, the larger new cases have been redesigned to be stackable and also include a punch hole for easy set-up of secondary displays.

They will be available from 30 September across PMP packs of Skips, NikNaks, Space Raiders, Big Hoops, McCoy’s, McCoy’s Chips and the new Roysters.

Meanwhile, KP Snacks is also launching Roysters T Bone Steak in a £1 PMP, available from 15 October.

Matt Collins, sales director at KP Snacks, said: “Sales of PMPs are booming and by making our case sizes bigger, retailers to can manage this demand and avoid losing sales from out of stocks. The launch of the new Roysters T Bone Steak £1 PMP will further help retailers to capitalise on this growing format.”

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