Last week, I wrote about the views of one supplier that few newsagents or convenience store retailers were prepared to put the effort into sourcing new products and promoting them to their shoppers.

Today, I had the good fortune to walk past Manoj Harji’s Hatton News shop in central London, spotting the sign and poster promoting Nando’s crisps. I blogged about Mr Harji’s shop once before explaining how well merchandised the shop was and friendly.

Seeing the Nando’s poster I took a quick photo (click on the picture for a closer look) and then caught Manoj’s eye in the shop. He was laughing so I went over and introduced myself. He said people often took photos of his shop but rarely introduced themselves. Everything inside was as well presented as the last time I visited.

Manoj explained that he had seen the Nando’s crisps and thought that the flavours would appeal to his shoppers. So far his hunch has proved correct.

Also in his window are a set of posters promoting Match Attax stickers linked to the World Cup. Inside, he has new hand written signs promoting new single confectionery lines. An inspiring shop that shows how strong good independents can be. Worth a trip to Hatton Garden.