This week has seen the start of a new promotion period for our supplier so we’ve seen lots of price changes, stock being moved about and promotional material being changed over. One of the things we did was to completely re-stock our Off Licence promotional island. We only installed it three months ago so are still trying different ways of using it.

This week we have found some space for a display of large bags of potato crisps. My initial idea was to promote the Spar ‘Our Very Own’ 150g bags as they are being promoted at £1.00 a bag, but as we were able to make space for 4 facings and so included some of the Kettle Crisps range at full price.

The result from the first day of this secondary display experiment has been very encouraging with more than a dozen bags being sold. Since installing 2 metres of Walkers suppliers merchandising units we have worked at selling more of these larger bags. After all the cash profit on a 150g bag is much higher than on the standard size!