PepsiCo has launched a new campaign, ‘Make your play’, for its Doritos brand, running now for 12 weeks across TV, digital and outdoor advertising.

The campaign is the brand’s biggest in the past five years, and aims to “encourage shoppers to approach life in a more playful, self-expressive way”.

‘Make your play’ centres on a reimagined perspective of the brand’s triangle Doritos chip, turning it into a play symbol that can inspire people to express themselves.

Doritos Stax launched by PepsiCo

Clafoutie Sintive, snacks marketing director at PepsiCo, said: “Young adults aged 18-30 years old are torn between who they should be and who they want to be. We’re taking our approach to self-expression to the next level with our latest Doritos campaign, supporting people to become who they want to be.

“We know just how popular our Doritos products are with consumers, with 44.1% household penetration in the UK, but we remain committed to bringing excitement to the savoury snacks category. Whether that’s through campaigns or bold flavours, we know that new news is crucial to bringing in new shoppers.”