Stocking pricemarked packs, offering more meat and chilli crisp flavours, and building secondary display units can increase snack sales, according to a report published by KP Snacks.

The supplier said its research showed that pricemarked packs were growing at 21% year-on-year in the impulse channel, with 83% of retailers agreeing they sold faster than unmarked packs.

When deciding what snack to buy, customers look at the price of standard snack lines first before turning their attention to pricemarked packs. Brand, promotions and pack sizes are the next biggest influences.

Dan Winslet, marketing controller at KP Snacks, said a third of shoppers said they believed pricemarked packs are cheaper than snacks in unmarked packs.

Vijay Bhardwaj, head of marketing and formats at KP Snacks, said 51% of purchases in the category are influenced by flavour, as younger consumers are looking for new varieties of snacks.

Mr Bhardwaj said: “Crisps in spicy and meat flavours are going to grow as a trend this year. However, it’s important to note that retailers shouldn’t forgo traditional flavours altogether. For example, McCoy’s best-selling flavour remains salt and vinegar.”

Secondary displays can unlock further sales by showcasing pricemarked packs and particular flavours – according to research by data analysis company Him, 22% of crisps and snacks are picked up from secondary displays.

Pratik Sampat, of Premier Fosdick in London, said he has a secondary display unit supplied by Walkers.

“The display helps increase impulse sales in the category and shows off all the new products we have in store. I keep it at the front so people see it soon as they walk in,” he said.