Wall's Pastry vegan range

Wall’s Pastry has launched its first vegan range, including a Vegan Jumbo Roll and BBQ Jackfruit Jumbo Roll.

Vegan Jumbo Roll (120g) is made with a mix of minced mushrooms, oats and seasoning, wrapped in a vegan puff pastry.  The BBQ Jackfruit Jumbo Roll (120g) is filled with pulled jackfruit and hickory smoked BBQ sauce. Both varieties are also available in a snack-sized pack of four (30g). Both products feature clear ‘plant based’ labelling.

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Michael Holton, brand manager at Addo Food Group, said: “We are confident that retailers will be able to capitalise on the growing opportunity plant-based alternatives provide, with a product that targets vegans as well as those simply looking to eat less meat.”

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