A retailer in Coventry has boosted his weekly sales by more than £80 after stocking Pokemon cards and Jumbo Squishy stress balls for the first time.

Aman Uppal, of One Stop Mount Nod in Coventry, told RN he began selling the kids’ collectables last week and is the only shop in the area offering these products. 

“The nearest stores selling these products are a Tesco and a toy shop, but we have the advantage of these competitors being more than a mile away from nearby residents,” said Mr Uppal. 

“We make decent margins on them at more than 25%, from prices ranging from £3.99 to £4.99. Sales have already been promising because we’ve sold 20 in a week and we expect this to continue.”

Mr Uppal added he expected the trend to continue long-term.

“I remember Pokemon being popular when I was a child. There are three schools nearby and we’re right in the middle of a residential area, so we have the right customer base for these products.”