Retailers in the south east are being faced with bills of up to £500 due to Menzies’ failure to pick up returns from stores.

District president Naresh Purohit said the news supplier only picks up returns three to four times a week, compared with seven. 

“I’m cheesed off they aren’t picking up my returns every day. The driver says they haven’t got any room, which doesn’t make sense because they must leave more behind than they pick up,” he said. 

“This is causing my invoices to vary. One week we end up paying £500, and the next a lot less. 

“They do cancel each other out, but, for a small business, cash flow is very important.”

He added: “I am not the only one suffering; retailers complain to me about this all the time.

“We have all complained bitterly on the helpline, but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference.”

Purohit confirmed the problems in his store have been ongoing for a number of months and have shown no sign of improvement. 

Menzies refused to provide a comment to RN on this issue.

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