JTI launches Ploom S heated-tobacco device

Available now, JTI has launched its heated-tobacco device, Ploom S, into the UK market with an RRP £89.

While the device will only be sold through 60 accredited retailers in London, including 30 independent convenience stores and two dedicated Ploom stores, Evo tobacco sticks (refills) will be available for all London retailers to purchase through wholesalers within the M25. 

To celebrate the launch, a bundle pack including a Ploom S device and a five-pack of Evo tobacco sticks will be available at an RRP of £39 through these retailers.

Sarah Connor, communications manager at JTI UK, told betterRetailing, that sales of heated tobacco have increased by 270% in the UK in the past 12 months, with London making up 70% of all volume sales in the category. She added plans for a nationwide launch are in review.

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Refills have an RRP of £4.50 and can only be used with Ploom devices

The device itself is available in Matte Black, Soft Champagne and Steel Silver colours, with one full charge facilitating the use of 20 tobacco sticks.

It has two different heating modes, with the second mode giving a fuller flavour from the beginning, and uses a USB type C charger.

When asked what makes it stand out from other heated-tobacco devices on the market, Connor explained that it uses ‘heat flow technology’ where the heat never comes in contact with the tobacco stick directly – it moulds around it, meaning users are less likely to get debris in the device itself.

The device also has a no puff limit compared to some other products on the market which have a maximum of 40.

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The Evo tobacco sticks are available in Bronze (full flavour), Sepia (smooth), Emerald (menthol) and Purple (berry menthol) varieties. The refills have an RRP of £4.50 each.

The supplier predicts by 2025, there will be one million Ploom users worldwide with traditional retail contributing to 67% of sales.

Nick Geens, head of reduced risk products at JTI, said: “The heated tobacco category is an exciting prospect for the UK which is why we’ve significantly invested in it with the launch of Ploom.

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“We know the profit opportunity that this category presents retailers is significant, and we’re therefore committed to making this launch a success, and are supporting retailers across the capital every step of the way. Using the dedicated assistance of a Ploom Specialist for accredited retailers, we have planned extensively to support the launch and introduce the device to existing smokers.”

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