P&G has unveiled its plans for its laundry brands Fairy, Daz and Ariel washing powder this year.

Currently at 26%, Ariel is aiming to get its Liquitabs to seize a 40% share of the fabric care category in the next couple of years.

Specifically for the convenience channel, the brand will also be launching a 500ml £1.99 price-marked pack for its liquid.

It will be backed by 68% more media spend compared to 2015. Rushina Shah, assistant brand manager for Ariel, said: “We’ve got our core campaign, which is called ‘Big spectacle’ but we’ve also got a TV campaign to educate mums about keeping these products away from their children.”

P&G is bringing its Fairy brand back to TV for the first time in five years, as well as launching £3.99 PMP for Fairy Non Bio Pods.

Daz will launch a £3.49 PMP for its 22-wash powder pack, and will also be backed by TV and digital advertising.

“The market is moving to bigger sized packs and within the convenience channel we don’t yet offer a large enough sized pack,” said Shah.