A convenience store owner has been ordered to pay damages to a child who drank toxic drain cleaner in their store.

In January 2013 Ayman Faisal picked up a drain cleaning product while strapped into his pram in SAFA Superstore in Moss Side, Manchester. A faulty safety seal on the product, made by Active Brands Concept Ltd allowed Ayman to open and drink the severely corrosive product.

The incident means five years on, seven-year-old Ayman cannot speak and requires a feeding tube to eat and drink.

On 26 April Justice Yip at Manchester Civil Justice Centre found that the shop, owned by Shafaqat Hussain Younis, was also responsible and would have to pay one third of damages as the product was not stored out of reach of children.

The shop also lacked the license necessary to sell the cleaning product. Retail Express understands that SAFA Superstore is now under new ownership who were unaware of the incident.

Both the previous shop owner and the manufacturer will now fund a trip to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the US so that Ayman can receive specialist treatment.

The extent of the damages to be paid by both responsible parties will be decided following an assessment of Ayman’s long-term health conditions is completed.

Ayman’s mother Saira Faisal said: “I just hope this serves as a warning to other shops and manufacturers to put chemicals out of reach of children. I don’t want another family to have to go through what we have been through.”

Slater and Gordon solicitor Alicia Rendell represented Ayman and his family. She warned: “These types of products are deadly and those who manufacture and sell them need to take seriously their duty of care.”

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