Mo Razzaq, owner of Family Shopper Blantyre in Glasgow, has said new regulations proposed by Food Standards Scotland to improve food eaten outside the home are “very worrying”. 

The proposed new rules include forcing caterers, retailers, manufacturers and businesses that supply food to adhere to measures such as reducing portion size, applying maximum calorie limits, and changing recipes and redesigning menus to exclude high-calorie items. 

Razzaq told RN: “A lot of retailers have just started adopting the food-to-go trend and this could have a really big impact on them. If this isn’t done properly, it could potentially close a lot of businesses who rely heavily on these offerings.”

Family Shopper Blantyre features a dessert bar and Razzaq fears if the proposals became law, it could have a detrimental effect on his business.

“We serve waffles in our dessert bar,” he said. “This is a treat people don’t have every day, so they are looking for value for money. If that isn’t there then why would they come in?

“Reducing portion sizes isn’t easy to do,” he added. “The machinery needed to make a waffle only makes a certain size, so if that needed to be smaller, I would have to purchase new equipment.”

Referring to the wider retail market, Razzaq is concerned the pressures of complying with the restrictions would threaten many businesses. 

“Food to go has just taken off and now the government is looking to penalise businesses that are doing well. 

“How many times can they do this before retailers start to say enough is enough?”

Food Standards Scotland’s consultation on its proposals is due to close on 28 February 2019.

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