National buying group Confex is aiming to help its retailers differentiate by offering more locally sourced products focusing on the health and well-being trend.

The Cotswolds-based company uses the scale of its 224 wholesale members to negotiate better supply terms with its 196 supplier partners. Tom Gittins, the company’s business development director, told RN convenience retail contributes to 35% of Confex’s business, while the remainder comes from foodservice.

“Retailers want to sell as much as possible to their customers and are keen to find out more about provenance and new product categories, which is where growth is coming from,” he said. 

“Confex has seen its volumes in the category grow by 10% in the past year. It’s about diversifying into soft drinks and snacks, such as baked crisps and low-sugar soft drinks, and we have the suppliers to offer that.”

To support the 1,000 store owners in its retailer club, Confex has added promotions dedicated to health and well-being products. “This is the first major addition to our regular six-week promotional cycle for five years,” Gittins added.

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