Flower & White’s bite-sized meringues come in an assortment of colours and are designed for snacking, desserts and to be given as gifts.

RRP £3.20
Contact sales@flowerandwhite.co.uk

Sauce Shop’s mayonnaise is a spicy condiment mixed with Sriracha sauce, which can be paired with chicken, chips and wedges.

RRP £3.50
Contact info@sauce-shop.co.uk

Tideford Organic gravy, mixed with carrots, celery, onion and garlic, can be poured over cottage pies and is 100% vegan.

RRP £2.59
Contact info@tidefordorganics.com

Scrubbys Crisps are available in impulse and sharing bag sizes and are gluten-free, MSG-free, Kosher and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.a

RRP 89p (for impulse bags)
Contact andrew@aibfoods.co.uk

Soda Folk’s natural Cherry Soda with no added sugar is made with Italian black cherries and balances tart and sweet flavours.

RRP £1.99
Contact ken@sodafolk.com 

This yuzu-flavoured balsamic glaze will make your balsamic vinegar range stand out and offer customers something different to garnish or flavour their meals.

RRP £3.50
Contact rick@imaginativecuisine.com

Tomatillo’s Mexican salsa taps into the growing world food trend and can be cross-sold with guacamole or corn tortilla chips.

RRP  £2.99
Contact sales@luchito.com

The Damascene Rose Bubbly, available from Brakes and Suma Wholesale, can be paired with seafood dishes and is best served chilled.

RRP £1.99 for a 32cl bottle
Contact info@luscombe.co.uk