Nichols has invested £3m in its biggest ever marketing campaign for Vimto, in a bid to increase the brand’s popularity across the south of England.

The campaign, ‘I See Vimto in You’, will run from 4 June until the end of September across social media and television, the intended target being 15 to 19-year-olds. Independent retailers will have merchandising support through posters, shelf-edge displays and floor stands.

Emma Hunt, Nichols head of marketing, told RN the company expects the campaign to reach three million people in the target age group throughout its duration. 

She said: “It’s our biggest campaign for Vimto yet in terms of spend. Vimto has a strong presence in the north where its roots are based, but we’re aiming to spread further to the south.

“We’ll be running marketing across social media, the internet and television because this is where the targeted demographic is the most engaged.”