Pladis has announced the launch of two new Go Ahead! varieties, including a Nutty Crunch and Fruit & Nut flavour.

The new additions are under 100-calories per bar and target shoppers looking for low-calorie snacking options throughout the day.

Christopher Owen, marketing controller at Pladis, said: “We’re ramping up our presence in the better for you snacking category. Our current portfolio typically appeals to those seeking morning sustenance, whereas the introduction of nutty crunch will target consumers looking for a ‘better for you’ pick me up.”

While 99% of households buy into the biscuit category, there is significant headroom for growth in healthier snacking, which currently has a 75% household penetration.

“We’ve noticed trends for wholesome ingredients and low-calorie options, and with two in five people purchasing Go Ahead! because the snacks are low in calories, we believe there will be strong demand for these new under-100-calorie snacks,” Owen adds.