Nestlé Cereal Partners is helping retailers make more money from cereal sales by increasing the price of its price-marked packs.

Responding to the increase in the national living wage and changes to pension legislation, Nestlé Cereal Partners have made the move which will see Cheerios increase from £2.29 to £2.39, Shredded Wheat from £1.89 to £1.99 and Cookie Crisp from £1.99 to £2.19.

Nestlé Cereal Partners said the change in price will still keep the PMPs at a competitive price and it is committing to producing packs price-marked at £1.49 throughout the year as well.

Cereal PMPThese lower priced packs will be temporary promotions that will run two or three times a year.

Curiously Cinnamon will also be available in £2.39 price-marked packs from August.

Cheerios 600g and Shreddies 750g packs will be available in £2 PMPs for a limited time to help retailers tap into the demand for bigger packs, a sector currently dominated by the multiples.

Julie Aird, convenience and cash & carry channel manager, told Retail Express: “The new PMPs provide incremental cash and margin with no price increase, therefore putting more cash in retailers’ tills at every purchase.”