Bal Aulakh, Select & Save, Birmingham

Product: Pegoty Hedge ready meals (two for £7)

Where did you discover them?
Select & Save is promoting fresh and local produce this year and our decision to stock Pegoty Hedge ready meals was made because of this. They’re sourced from Hertfordshire, which isn’t too far from us, and this means we don’t have to look far for local produce which is made from quality and healthy ingredients, with nothing artificial added. 

Who buys them?
My store is based in a residential area, so a lot of families buy ready meals. It’s mainly adults who might not have as much time to cook a meal during the middle of the week and want to have a quick option without skimping on the quality of ingredients going into their meals. The packaging stands out in comparison to ready meals from other suppliers, too. 

Why are they so successful?
There are various reasons. Value for money is the first – customers can get them on offer at two for £7, which is a good price when you consider the premium ingredients which go into each meal. Our customers are always looking for products which offer them the most for their money. Range is the other reason for their popularity. There are flavours such as chicken curry, cottage pie and macaroni and cheese. Regular customers can keep rotating around these without getting bored.