A convenience store in Sheffield has teamed up with Nestlé Cereal Partners to offer free breakfasts to local residents.

MJ’s Go Local Extra, run by Jai Singh, hosted the activity from 7am until late morning to promote its cereal range and to encourage children and adults who skip breakfast to enjoy what is often referred to as the most important meal of the day.

Nestlé Cereal Partners supplied a van for the event, where customers were invited to sample cereals.

“Cereal Partners were interested in working more closely with retailers and we were happy to work with them to deliver the event,” Mr Singh told Retail Newsagent. “Despite the cold it was a really successful morning. Between 7am and 9.30am around 35 people took part.

“This event was important for us because it was a way for us to get kids and adults who miss out on breakfast to try new meals, and it was about raising awareness of the products we stock.

“We are hoping it has encouraged parents to come in and purchase cereals from us and that we’ll see an uplift in breakfast item sales.”

Georgia Brown, customer marketing manager for Nestlé Cereal Partners, said: “The initiative was designed to drive engagement and to help increase footfall for retailers.

“The cereal van allows customers to try cereals they might not have had before and creates a buzz.”

She encouraged any retailers interested in hosting their own free cereal morning to contact Nestlé Cereal Partners.