budgens, ascot, pumpkin, in-store theatre, merre brow, giantHow’s this for in-store theatre? This pumpkin, weighing a massive 37 stone, is one of three acquired by Budgens for display in stores in Berkshire and Cambridgeshire this week, and is believed to be among the biggest pumpkins on display anywhere in the UK.

The biggest of the three was grown by Jimmy Rimmer and, at 39 stone, is the equivalent of around 50 average pumpkins. The three on display are taken from the 34 pumpkins that entered the annual giant pumpkin weigh-in in Lancashire – the only event of its kind in the country.

With the pumpkin market worth approximately £25m in the UK, this incredible sight will surely put these retailers ahead of the crop. What are you doing this Halloween to get shoppers through the doors and buying those Halloween treats from you?