Quorn Foods is investing in a new campaign to encourage customers to think more about their protein choices and make a difference by ‘Helping the planet one bite at a time’.

The campaign will span across TV, video on demand, and include a partnership with Liverpool Football Club and will focus on encourage shoppers to reduce their meat intake and lower their carbon footprint.

The supplier is also rolling out a new pack design across the Quorn range, which builds on the brands orange theme and putting the meat free logo in the centre of the new packs.

Meat-free diet set to be the new trend in retail

Gill Riley, marketing director at Quorn Foods, said: “We must all play our part in the change our planet and future needs. Society is very aware of the climate issues we currently face as a planet, but now is the time to act.

“The new pack design will continue to proudly display the carbon footprints of products, an initiative the brand believes needs a collective effort from across the food and drink industry to empower more consumers to make food choices based on their environmental impact.”

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