Demand for value is driving sales of own label versions of luxury ice cream brands and cheaper ice creams, RN’s latest What to Stock has revealed.

The report has charted the rising popularity of own label ice cream. It highlighted a classic chocolate and a white chocolate stick, both selling for 60p, which climbed into the top 10 ranking for independent stores for the first time – joining Magnum equivalents sold at an average £1.83 each.

An own label pop-up orange lolly is a new chart entrant, while a Bobby’s 30p lolly also climbed from 18th place to 14th in the top 25 table.

“We sell lots of the cheaper pricemarked Magnum-style ice creams from Booker,” said Gary Pilsworth, of Offley Stores in Hertfordshire.

At the opposite end of the price scale, however, 2016 launches Magnum Double Chocolate and Magnum Double Peanut, selling for £1.89 and £1.91, both entered the top 25 chart after achieving 56.7% and 26.7% distribution in independent stores.

Chart rises for Cadbury Flake, Mars, Oreo and Snickers sticks also revealed the rising popularity of confectionery spin-offs.

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