Unilever is getting into the festive mood by adding chocolate and orange flavours to its bestselling ice cream brands, Viennetta, Magnum and Carte D’Or. 

The range includes: Magnum Mini Chocolate & Orange (6x55ml, RRP £3.93), Viennetta Limited Edition Chocolate & Orange (320g, RRP £1.84), and Carte D’Or Chocolate Orange (560g, RRP £4.12).

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Andre Burger, vice president of ice cream and snacking at Unilever, said: “Chocolate and orange is a classic combination at Christmastime, and has been a festive family favourite for years. But over the past couple of seasons, searches for chocolate orange products have increased by a 55%.

“To help retailers get in on the act, we’ve brought the classic flavour to three fun and festive ice cream products that are sure to be a sell-out this season.” 

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Magnum Mini Chocolate & Orange
Carte D'Or Chocolate Orange