Goodfella’s is launching an on-pack promotion to help drive sales of big night in in the run up to the winter months.

Available until the end of November, the on-pack promotion will give shoppers the opportunity to win a top prize of £10,000, and will be part of a wider digital and TV campaign.

There will also be hundreds of other prizes available to be won, including Amazon vouchers, Goodfella’s pizza vouchers, and pizza-themed blankets.

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The promotion comes after an extra 1.7 million shoppers bought into the frozen pizza category during the initial stages of lockdown, with many looking to recreate restaurant-like dining experiences as part of a big night in.

Claire Hoyle, head of marketing at Goodfella’s, said: “During lockdown, we saw shoppers turn to products to help them replicate the experience of dining out, but at home.

“As we now exit lockdown, shoppers within the same household are continuing to spend time together.

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“Having tested the promotion with shoppers, we found that over 80% of respondents found the prize offer appealing, and we’re confident the campaign will help retain some of the 1.7 million new shoppers who have bought into the frozen pizza category in recent weeks.”

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