Sophie Towers, Hillingdon Spar, Burnley

Product: Haffner’s pies, £1.30 – £3.90

Where did you discover them?

Haffner’s are a local butcher and bakery with a long history, so they’re well known in the area. We sell their pies in a range of flavours, both hot or cold, and people can order them for next day collection from us too.

Who buys it?

Everyone – that’s why they’re such a great range of products to stock. We get a real mix of buyers, from builders who want them hot on their lunch breaks, to older people who buy them to heat up at home for their evening meals.

Why is it so successful?

Haffner’s offer a good range of traditional, well-loved flavours like cheese and onion and meat and onion. We sell a pie with claret in it, which customers love – it’s the colour of our local Burnley FC football team. Haffner’s are also good to work with. We order at 6am each morning, and the pies are with us by 9am.