Independent retailers should invest in hot drink machines that offer a range of coffee and tea options, according to supplier Aryzta Food Solutions. 

Three-fifths of hot drink shoppers stated these products as their primary reason for going in store, in research from data analyst HIM. 

Paul Whitney, head of marketing UK at Aryzta Food Solutions, said this makes hot drinks an important category for convenience retailers.

“One way they can increase profit and compete with the numerous high street coffee chains is by creating a unit that offers hot drinks alongside bakery foods,” he said. 

“We have partnered with Seattle’s Best Coffee, whose units offer retailers the option to build in Aryzta’s bakery brand, Cuisine de France, and American sweet treat brand, Otis, into the unit to encourage cross-merchandising and upsell.”

In addition, Marshall Kingston, senior manager for out-of-home at Tetley, said the brand’s research showed a 25% increase in the number of shoppers willing to a pay a premium for products.

“Overall, sales of hot beverages are being driven by tea purchases, with ready-to-drink options at breakfast growing 3% year on year,” he said.

“Tea drinkers in particular are more likely to purchase something alongside their drink compared to others, so having pastries, biscuits and cakes all within sight of a machine can increase basket spend.”

Kamal Thaker, of Stop Shop News in Edgware, Greater London, said his Nescafé & Go machine helps drive sales. 

“I put it near my selection of breakfast cereal bars and snacks. I charge £1.20 per cup and I’d definitely say it’s a worthwhile investment,” he said.

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