Graze is launching £1 price-marked packs (PMP) across its range, set to be available to convenience and wholesale.

The new PMPs will include Graze’s bestselling flavours, including Lively Lemon flapjack, Cocoa Vanilla flapjack, Smoky Barbecue Crunch and Salt & Vinegar Crush.

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The PMPs have been designed to meet on-the-go healthy snacking within impulse trends, as well as to make purchasing decisions easier for shoppers.

The company claims the Graze PMP range will help retailers boost their share of the category and tap into the health snacking opportunity.

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Stephen Hunn, retail managing director at Graze, said: “With 73% of shoppers actively looking to cut down on traditional snacking and 67% seeking healthy alternatives, retailers should ensure they stock a range of products to suit multiple occasions and tastes.

“Making our products more accessible is very much part of our brand mission to help people enjoy healthy living every day and given the amount of people seeking healthier snacking alternatives, this is an untapped market for retailers to capitalise on.”

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