More than 24 top confectionery lines produced by Mars Wrigley will be unavailable from wholesalers for a matter of months due to “a mechanical breakdown” at the company’s factory.

Booker and Nisa both reported supply issues earlier this month. A note seen by betterRetailing from the chocolate giant read: “Unfortunately, planned production at a Mars Wrigley factory has been disrupted by a mechanical breakdown.. The recovery time will differ for each SKU.”

It added that the lines “will potentially be impacted until the 31 May 2020.” The affected lines are Revels Bag, £1 price-marked pack (PMP) Revels Treat Bags, Revels Large Pouch, £1 PMP Galaxy Count Treat Bag, Maltesers, 60p PMP Maltesers, Maltesers Big Bag, Maltesers Handy Bag, £1 PMP Maltesers Treat Bag, Maltesers Bag, Minstrels, Minstrels Big Bag 66g, Minstrels Bag, £1PMP Minstrels Treat Bag, Minstrels Large Pouch, Galaxy Ripple, 60p PMP Malteasers Teasers, £1 PMP Maltesers teasers block, Galaxy, £1PMP Galaxy Milk and Maltesers boxes.

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