The e-cigarettes market has grown hugely since its immergence a few years ago and the imminent arrival of new regulations means ensring your staff keep up with what’s happening is more important than ever. Award-winning retailer Sam Coldbeck explains how its done

samantha-coldbeck-1Samantha Coldbeck
Premier Wharfedale

From day one I voluntarily age-restricted e-cigarettes and refused to sell bubble-gum flavoured products that deliberately appealed to kids. We want to be known as responsible retailers. We train our staff to treat e-cigarettes exactly the same as any other age-restricted product. They must ask for ID and if they refuse a sale they must log that information in a dedicated logbook. Filling it out shows due diligence to the authorities if a problem did ever arise. We also invested in an EPoS system that gives staff a visual cue that an item is an age-restricted product and what date they should be looking for on a person’s ID. We want our staff to feel confident in restricting sales politely, safely and without threat.

The upcoming regulations explained

1. The second phase of the Tobacco Products Directive will come into force on 20 May 2016 and will happen in three phases. For the first time e-cigarettes will be classed as tobacco-related products.
2. Among the changes, refill containers of nicotine will be limited to 10ml; tanks or cartridges will now be limited to 2ml; e-liquids must now have a maximum nicotine strength of 20mg as opposed to 24mg and e-cigarettes must provide a consistent dose of nicotine.
3. From 20 May 2016 there will be a restriction on the advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes.
4. From 20 November 2016 the production of non-compliant stock must cease.
5. From 20 May 2017 the sale of non-compliant stock will be prohibited l
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