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Nick Geens, head of reduced-risk products of JTI UK

Advice column in partnership with JTI

“The first step to creating a successful vaping offering is knowing what to stock. The vaping world can be a confusing and crowded space, so retailers should look at trending products to help them profit from this market.

“For example, capsule products are currently in growth, so a product such as Logic Compact is a good place to start with vapers looking for this type of device.

“Likewise, stocking refillable vapes is also beneficial as they’re now used by the majority of UK adult vapers and allow for a more customisable experience.

“Being able to cater for a range of vaping customers will of course help to grow profits and establish your store as a destination of choice.”

To find out more, retailers should visit, or speak to their local Logic sales representative.

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