Philip Morris Limited has announced it is rolling out its Iqos brand to UK retailers next year.

Iqos is a range of cigarette alternatives that Philip Morris claims produces less than 10% of the levels of harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, while still providing the taste of tobacco.

It works by heating tobacco without burning to create a nicotine vapour. It does not produce smoke or ash.

The brand is initially available from the newly-opened Iqos store in Soho, London.

Registered users can buy the device for £45. Single packs of 20 tobacco sticks, called Heets, are available for £8, or £7 in multipacks, in Amber, Yellow and Turquoise varieties.

Martin Inkster, Philip Morris managing director, said: “Our goal is to convert existing adult legal age smokers to these products and we have every intention of using today’s highly efficient distribution and retail networks once a meaningful consumer demand exists.”

The brand has already launched in 10 countries including Switzerland, Italy and Japan where it gained a 2.4% market share after less than one year.